25 years old || 5’7″ tall || born July 20th

Likes: Badass Bad-Girl Slayer characters. Soda.

Dislikes: Leila’s boyfriend. Gym showers. Surprise Phone-calls.

Returning to NYC for the first time since her childhood, Roe is trying to reestablish a foundation for herself while ignoring certain personal baggage.





23 years old || 5’9″ tall || born January 1st

Likes: Classic rock. Being right.

Dislikes: Bugs and bug-like things. Things that don’t make sense.

With the help of his younger cousin, Robin, Lucas is trying to find a new job to help pay his bills while he figures some shit out. That’s it. Why couldn’t it be that simple?





21 years old || 4’10” tall || born October 21st

Likes: Cats. Creepily cute things. Sugary cocktails.

Dislikes: Penelope’s boss.

Robin has lived in the ‘Quarter as a practicing witch for a few years now and knows it quite well. At least, she thinks so.





23 years old || 5’6″ tall || born November 2nd

Likes: Plants.

Dislikes: Time wasters.

As the manager of one of the local occult shops in the ‘Quarter, Leila hosts the regular gatherings of her Wiccan coven and is privy to much of the goings on in the magical and Otherwise communities.





22 years old || 5’6″ tall || born February 14th

Likes: Playing piano. Dogs.

Dislikes: Grading papers.

Working as both a TA and Personal Assistant for Professor Sylar (he seems to think so), Penn is on the go most of the time and frequently exhausted. Now she’s missing.





59 years old || 5’11” tall || born ???

Likes: Coffee.

Dislikes: Having to do his own grading.

Penelope’s boss and mentor.






??? years old || 6’2″ tall || born ???

Likes: Lucas, apparently.

Dislikes: Normal tattoos.

David is one of the many magic users in the ‘Quarter. Robin seems slightly awed by him.






13 years old || 15” tall || born ???

Likes: Window sitting. A good scratch behind the ears. Robin.

Dislikes: Rats.

Old, mostly toothless, and lazy. May have achieved enlightenment.






6 years old || 2’11” tall || born ???

Likes: Ice Cream. Penelope.

Dislikes: Being alone all night.

He’s a good boy.






??? years old || 2.75” tall || born ???

Likes: ???

Dislikes: ???

They are one of many. They are everywhere. They are legion.





ADA ??

?? years old || ?? tall || born ??

Likes: ??

Dislikes: ??

Matron of the popular bar/restaurant, Lupercalia. Robin does her magical favors.






?? years old || ?? tall || born ??

Likes: ??

Dislikes: ??

Works at Lupercalia.






?? years old || ?? tall || born ??

Likes: ??

Dislikes: ??

They work in the museum program with Robin. They love all that ‘old mystical stuff.’






?? years old || ?? tall || born ??

Likes: ??

Dislikes: ??

Roe’s father. Currently incarcerated. She doesn’t want to talk to him.