WHOLE lotta teeth.

So apparently it’s Appreciate a Dragon Day today, so… There’s really not a more appropriate day to begin this scene, is there? So…

Welcome back!

Jumping right back into things with Episode Two’s prologue here. Basic episode structure is going to go this way with the cold open, then the title/credits pages, then into the episode proper.

Also, in case you haven’t noticed, Saints’Quarter has it’s own website now!

This site will consistently remain at least a page ahead of the mirrors.
If you’d like to read ahead further, the next couple of pages will be for $5+ patrons on Patreon before this weekend.
Patrons of any tier are added to the credits of the episode during which they pledged at the beginning of every month.

It’s fairly basic so far, really not needing to be much else considering the content, but I plan to gradually roll out extra pages and features as I get better at… well, everything.

I honestly have only known embarrassingly basic HTML up to this point. So many tutorials went into this. I’m still reading through a solid three novels worth of stuff right now. Maybe when I reach higher goals on Patreon, I’ll incorporate hiring someone more capable with this sort of design to help me polish things up. We’ll see.

For now… yeah, this was the page of TEETH. And I loved it.
I love lots of sharp teeth.
I also love doing the sketches by hand, which I’ll be doing from now on for this comic. Before, I tended to do the thumbnails and stop there depending on the amount of time or energy I had and just build up the sketches in PSE, but my penciled sketches just come out a lot more satisfying to me. A piece of this sketchy goodness for the next page is available to see if you vote on TopWebComics.

I’m really excited for this episode.
Thanks for reading, guys!